Our Work


Blue Mango Design Solutions is a creative and innovative graphic design studio in Toronto, Canada, founded by designer, Sho Demirjian.

Sho graduated from The International Academy of Design, which provided her with a strong foundation in graphic design. After spending 15 years in a traditional agency setting, Sho’s passion for design, and desire to work with entrepreneurs and start-up organizations led her to create Blue Mango Design Solutions, her response to an industry that often lacks a human touch.

“I’ve always enjoyed looking at the elements of life that were designed with good taste. I crave the beauty of design in every shape and form: from industrial design, to graphic works of art, to fashion and lifestyle. Surrounding myself with good design has always been of utmost importance to me…it has always been a most significant part of who I am.” – Sho Demirjian

One on one client consultations, help us personalize the graphic design solution and strategic brand management delivery process from concept to execution through to final product. This collaborative process is our competitive advantage, and we put our reputation behind it. We offer all-inclusive package pricing with unlimited revisions and multiple design concepts. One price, with no hidden fees, no agency overheads or any other added costs.

Our service suite includes:

  • Corporate branding and rebranding
  • Logo design
  • Social media branding
  • Print design
  • Packaging design
  • Print collateral (stationery, invitations)
  • Digital collateral
  • Custom services
  • Website Design


“In my 35 plus years working in a professional services business as a certified public accountant, I know how difficult it is to meet a client’s expectations, let alone to exceed these expectations.  It takes hard work, creative out of the box thinking, responsiveness, excellent communication skills, anticipation of a client’s needs before they even realize their needs, and most of all, a genuine caring for the client and the success of their business.  Perhaps because I know how hard it is to earn a client’s praise, it makes me reluctant to give out praise even though it may be well deserved.  However, I must say that Sho Demirjian of Blue Mango has definitely earned my praise and it would be remiss of me if I did not lavish such praise on her and her team at Blue Mango.

I acquired Leon’s Auto Body in early 2014 and soon realized that, although the business did great work, it needed a significant boost in it public presence including a new website, new logo, new business cards and stationery, new building façade, new signage, customer appreciation items and on line marketing such as Twitter and Facebook.  In total this was a significant undertaking and was crucial to the continued success of Leon’s Auto Body.  After making enquiries it was clear that Sho and Blue Mango were the best choice for this critical assignment.  I must say that I have not regretted this decision for one minute.  Our website is certainly the best in the industry and it continues to evolve and improve under her management.  I cannot tell you how many customers, suppliers and associates have commented favorably on our new logo, business cards and signage.  We now have a continuous on line presence through Twitter and Facebook that has made a huge impact on our business and has extended our reach far beyond my expectations.  It has been a pleasure to work on each of these projects with Blue Mango and I can’t wait to start working on the next project with them, whatever that may be.”
Al Guarino,  President, Leons Auto Body

“Out of the box, “unlearned” thinking and limitless creativity. Hits it right on the mark every time. “Winning with quality and standards of a multi-personnel agency and the personability, quick turnaround and cost efficiency of a small business owner.
Sho has contributed greatly to our brand image and helped bring our company to the next level.”
Niary Toodakian,  Marketing Manager, Home Equity Bank

“Professionalism at its best,  always creative, on time, and on budget, a true partner in today’s competitive environment”
“Sho has always had the ability to take ordinary and make it something special,  not something that is easily accomplished”
Christopher Shipton, Owner Jascor Housewares Inc., Fresco & marc mcewan by Fresco Brand

“Communications has always been a passion for me.  And when I was approached to have my blog published in a weekly downtown newspaper, I knew it was time to add a visual aspect to my personal brand.  I had a tight timeline, and although I had a sense of the concept I wanted to convey, Sho worked with me through numerous iterations refining that concept into a final product: a banner for my blog’s website which Sho installed herself.  Sho was extremely professional and I thoroughly enjoyed our collaboration.  Her skills, efficiency and effort resulted in a fantastic banner, which has garnered numerous compliments and really promotes who I am – as any personal brand should. I have and will continue to recommend Blue Mango to anyone seeking graphic design and branding services.”
Talyn Terzian, Writer and Author of Spincycle Diaries (www.spincyclediaries.com)

“Sho is an exceptional designer.  She has an ability to transform vision and direction into on-target creative.  Her timely manner and excellent communication skills are a definite asset and contribute nicely to the overall package she offers.  I strongly recommend Sho & Blue Mango for any creative strategy work and would use her again in a heartbeat!”
Amy Beck, Former Salton/Toastess National Account Manager

“Sho is able to achieve incredibly creative results based on individual needs.  She is talented and creative, and whose design sense is elegant and clever. She projects her ideas clearly and efficiently. Sho constantly delivers detailed, high quality work in a short amount of time.”
Stephanie Der Haroutiunian, Owner Berani Jewelery Design

“At her previous position in the graphics design industry, Sho was instrumental in creating an entire branding strategy for one of our brands as well as some pieces for our other marque. The entire experience was straight forward and Sho used her wide imagination and creativity to propose and execute the appropriate artwork for us. Meeting deadlines and producing useable concepts promptly made it a joy to work with her on graphic and branding projects.”
Adom A. Knadjian, President B&S (Canada) Inc.

“My name is Linda DiRaddo and I am New Project Manager at Salton Canada.  I had the pleasure to work with Sho for approximately 5 years.
In our business, we seem to always have very tight deadlines and she always went the extra mile to finish a project on time. Rush or not, she had the same attention to all details of the project so she was sure that they were completed accurately.  I would not hesitate to work with Sho again in the future, in fact, I very much look forward to it.”
Linda DiRaddo, New Project Manager – Salton Canada

“Blue Mango (Sho Demirjian) did an amazing job! She wholeheartedly listened to what I was trying to envision and then in a very short period of time, she delivered exactly what I was looking for!
Professional! Creative! Fast! I definately look forward to the next time I work with her.
Dr. S. Fermanian, Silva Fermanian Chiropractor